Best Crypto Exchange Platform to Trade With

So, are you looking for the best cryptocurrencies and their exchange platforms to trade-in? Check out this detailed guide that will help you to choose the best crypto exchanges which will not only help you in business but, also make a promising reputation in the market which always shows positive aspects of crypto price charts. Cryptocurrencies are mostly used digital currencies nowadays, so a lot of people are still in a confusion that which crypto exchange is best for them or to get a trade-in? So, let’s start the discussion.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

Simply, the meaning of crypto exchange is;

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for different digital of traditional currencies like Euros, USD etc.”

For those, who want to exchange professionally and also have direct access to fancy trading tools with the help of crypto priced, then they should have to use such exchange which needs to verify the user’s ID for opening an account. If you want to make ordinary trading like for every day, then there are also other platforms available that do not require an account.

Types Of Exchanges

First of all, you must figure out which type of crypto exchange you actually need. So, let us try to explain three main types of crypto exchange:

1) Trading Platforms

These platforms are known to be trading platforms or websites which usually connect buyers and sellers, also charge a fee from them for each transaction using the exact crypto pricing in the market.

2) Direct Trading

These exchanges provide a direct person to person trading in which people from different countries can exchange money of digital currency easily. In this exchange, they don’t have fixed rates instead of each seller set their own exchange rate.

3) Brokers

These are another good type of crypto exchange with the availability of cryptos price which anyone can visit to buy cryptocurrencies at a price that will be set by the broker.

Things to Do Before Starting a Trade

Before doing any trade, you must have to look following things to get good results:

● Good Reputation: The Best thing about any crypto exchange is to search their reputation in the market, through reviews from users and other well-known industry websites. You may ask any questions to solve your queries about the exchange platform and cryptos prices.

● Fee Structure: Most of the exchanges have fee-related information on their sites. Before joining, any of them, make sure that you’re very well-known about deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees. Fees are different according to the exchange you use and also differences find in crypto price today.

● Method of Payments: What kind of payment methods are available is another question yet? If some exchange system has limited payment options then that might not be suitable for you as purchasing cryptocurrencies from card require ID verification and processing fees from multiple sources.

● Verification Required: Some best exchange platforms may require ID verification in order to make secure deposits and withdrawals.

Best Crypto Exchange to Trade With

Today, a list of platforms are available in the market to choose from, but not all exchanges are established balanced. Now, we are going to discuss a list based on user reviews as well as a host of other criteria such as accessibility, user-friendly nature, few structure and security measures with well-known crypto coins price. Here, are those best crypto exchange platforms with no specific order.

1) Binance

Are you focusing on conducting crypto to crypto trading, Binance will be the best solution for you to fulfill this need. This exchange is ranked as one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

They will deliver you the best impressive offerings with low budget rates and low trading fees. However, Binance is supposed to be a young entrant in the market who is growing rapidly and holds up to a large selection of Altcoins with Bitcoins, Ethereum and unique pairings of Tether. Also, you can get crypto price alerts for free anytime here.

Binance is the best platform for crypto exchange as it has its own coin which termed Binance Coin (BNB). Being as a centralized exchange, you can receive decent discounts while performing trade with their tokens.

The trading fee of Binance is 0.1% which can be lessened further if the payment is made under BNB.

2) Bitstamp

Bitstamp is a European Union based marketplace that was founded in 2011. First-generation bitcoin exchange which has also a loyal customer base. It is well-known as well as a trusted crypto exchange platform throughout the Bitcoin community. A safe platform, which offers advance security features, for example, two-step authentication, multinational technology for its wallet and complete secured cold space for data.

Starting trade with Bitstamp is really easy as compared to other platforms that are usually based on the crypto stock price. After, opening an account for free and submitting the deposit, users are ready for doing a trade.

3) CoinMama

This exchange platform is having a good reputation and great user interface. It comprises a good range of payment options and available worldwide in order to conduct fast transactions. CoinMama is known as a veteran broker platform which anyone can easily visit to purchase bitcoin or Ether simply by using credit card or cash through any source.

Crypto exchange, CoinMama is great for those who want to make quick purchases of cryptocurrency anytime while using their local currency. However, the CoinMama service is available worldwide while users should be aware of a list of some countries that also didn’t have service related to this crypto exchange. Generally, CoinMama is available in English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

4) Bitsquare

This crypto exchange is user-friendly and peers to peer exchange system that enables users to purchase and sell Bitcoins in exchange for fiat currencies. The huge market of Bitsquare is decentralized and peer to peer network which is accessible and didn’t require any kind of registration or dependence on a central authority that remains constant for all crypto prices.

This exchange platform didn’t hold user’s funds and no one can exchange data except trading partners. Also offers great security with exact addresses, deposits and purpose-built system in the trial of trade conflicts. If you want to trade alone and didn’t trust anyone then this platform is the best choice for you.

5) Coinbase

One of the best trading platform which is backed up by trusted investors as well as used by millions of people worldwide. It is the most popular and well-known crypto exchange for brokers and useful online trading platforms in the world.

Coinbase makes it easy for you to purchase, buy, store and trade digital currency in no time. Users of this platform can purchase bitcoins, Ether, and Litecoin from it through using any digital wallet. Stored currency in Coinbase is officially secured by Coinbase Insurance.

Coinbase is available on Android and iOS phones through using the services of a big company, Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX). GDAX currently operates in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

For transferring funds, GDAX didn’t charge any transfer fees for moving funds between the Coinbase account and the GDAX account.

Final Notes

Picking the ideal kind of crypto exchange for your trading or any other specific need may be found difficult but on the other hand, still time-consuming. While choosing any platform, remember to pay attention to the fees, reputation, security, verification process and geographical services. One thing that you should have to keep in mind is that you’re not limited to using only one crypto exchange.

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