Benefits and Risks of AI

A lot of things in the world of today has made Artificial intelligence a hotly talked about topic today. There are a lot of ways it is implemented today with some more commercially used methods such as SIRI in our iPhones and also the self-driving cars that google has now made. The science fiction movies would have you believe that artificial intelligence portrays the robots of the future as being human like today and having personalities and human characteristics etc. If you would like to read more about how AI systems impact in future visit this article.

However, the Artificial intelligence of today is not as dangerous as we might want to believe through terminator movies. In fact, it is also called the narrow artificial intelligence or the weak artificial intelligence. Meaning that they are told or made to perform a very particular or extremely niche, streamlined task. For example, the intelligence that is on your phone scanning your fingerprint or using facial recognition on some phones.

In the long term however, the researchers and people working on artificial intelligence wish to make much more powerful programs of AI otherwise known as the General or strong artificial intelligence. Narrow intelligence is realistically strong at only the task that they are made to perform however, it is thought that in the future once general artificial intelligence is made a reality these intelligences could theoretically out perform people at every single task that you can think of physical, cognitive or otherwise. If you would like to read more about Benefits and Risks of AI visit this article.

The research into the safety of Intelligence is going on and extremely prominent in the world of today. The reason for that is that Artificial Intelligence will be affecting almost every single societal function and will be guiding research into almost every single topic of today. They will become integrated into economic decisions, legal proceedings, security systems and the control and interfacing of different things such as traffic control etc.

While on a smaller scale as a weak AI the failure or problems with the artificial intelligence would be a little more than a small nuisance however, when the decision is bigger, for example the intelligence is able to control your vehicle or for example the nuclear weapons of a country than the failure of that AI would be a much graver and far more lethal concern to individuals. If you would like to read more about AI visit this article.

There are several grand benefits to the use of artificial intelligence for example, human intellect and human cognition can grow at only a steady secure pace. What if we created an intelligence far beyond our own that could grow and expand at a much larger pace and therefore trigger an increase in intelligence of an exponential nature. When growing at this pace it could create methods by which we can be able to better ourselves. Creating methods for us to be able to end war, reduce the impact of diseases on us and many other benefits that our small pace of growth could not hope to end or comprehend. The reason that many people are growing concerned about this is because of that fact that we have to ensure safeguards that make sure that the level and reasons for the AI existing and growing and its end results are in line with our own. If they are not, then upon gaining superintelligence it could become potentially problematic to eradicate it before it eradicates us.

While the intelligence of this higher intellect might actually be beneficial there is a potential for both grand amounts of good and bad at the same time. While the harm it may cause could be intentional or unintentional that is besides the point because of that fact that the potential bad could be catastrophic.

Many researchers have expressed the fact that an artificial intelligence that gains superintelligence would realistically still be mechanical and unable to adopt the emotions of humans like hate or love, and therefore while extreme benefit could not be expected extreme destruction is not going to be part of our future as well. In fact, the following are only some of the ways in which is it agreed that artificial intelligence could realistically be expected to grow malevolent towards us.

  • The first scenario of bad AI would be in the time when the intelligence has actually bee programmed to by itself do something that is malevolent to the human race. This might include nuclear disaster etc. Since in the wrong hands those weapons could potentially destroy huge parts of the earth. To avoid such a situation an easy off switch needs to be present on the minds of the intelligence. This risk is present in each AI situation and the chances seem slim of this coming to pass however, artificial intelligence when increased and decision making power of the intelligence increasing can lead to this becoming reality.
  • The second situation would be whereby the intelligence has been commanded to do something that is good for the human race. For example, eradicating disease. However, using basic logic eradicating humans could also eradicate disease. So, developing a malignant method for doing the beneficial action is definitely a concern. As stated above this can realistically come to pass when we are unable to make sure that the goals of the intelligence are perfectly in line with out own goals at the same time.
  • Artificial intelligence in banking and other financial sectors can also become huge lines of concern. Since the human race is based on economies and economies run by the inflow and outflow of funds to and from economies so when given control of our finances it would be a concern what it does with our funds. Especially with our visa or Mastercard.

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