Apple Censors Leading Bitcoin Podcast Episode

What is “The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument”?

The company of Apple iTunes is going to censor the first episode of crypto focused broadband in most appropriate order. This leading off the chain mechanism is presented by Anthony Pompliano. He is also responsible for posting most effective type of Bitcoin podcast which specifically named as “The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument” by a well-known person named Murad Mahmudov.

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Anthony Pompliano Introduction:

Anthony Pompliano is well known crypto influencer as well as partner of Morgan Creek. He took responsibility of introducing Bitcoin Maximalism and was going to start Off the chain podcast within the duration of 2 months back. This is considered to be his greatest achievement of all the time. Also, the users of Bitcoin get benefits from this podcast that he is going to launch. His podcast receives a huge frame and quickly gain popularity in the global market. Due to the uniqueness of his podcast, it receives 4th position in the race of other podcast in the US. This seems to be a great step in promoting the business of Bitcoin podcast. If you would like to read more about Athony Pompliano achievement visit this article.

Recently, Pomp make a conversation with Murad on the agenda of Bitcoin Podcast, which was claimed getting amazing success. They both work together and make a conversation on specifications of Bitcoin. He also presented a quote on the importance of Bitcoin podcast as;

“The most important podcast you’ll ever had to listen about”.

He shared this line with Murad which making 10 million dollars to make a Bitcoin prediction on the podcast. After releasing this episode, Apple censored the introduction of podcast in most innovative way. Although some of its users claimed that they are able to find out its basic elements on search through internet and ranking are also available on these kinds of search rankings.

According to the tweet of Pompliano they are discussing the ultimate argument of Bitcoin and we are also discussing the podcast. It is now on number 4th position by rank in US which leads the mysteries lead toward the company of Apple.

What Laura Shin says?

Another crypto podcaster named Laura Shin also shared her views as it might be creating a glitch with Apple to which replied by Pomp before 5 days ago. According to her, podcast was available on all other platforms, but Apple didn’t show up its presence on their platform into few late hours. Therefore, we are sure that this thing can be obvious or can’t be change without any permission. Pomp agreed with Laura in certain things and also suggests his views as 5 days later the thing can’t be obvious and we would have wait for Friday for this procedure to carry on. If you would like to read more about Bitcoin podcast visit this article.

Yes, we agree that it is shady part of Apple company that censor the worth of podcast as soon as the fame and popularity of this podcast become viral and obvious. Some of its features are getting suspicious when the user of Bitcoin gets right apart with the help of maximalist podcast. In this field, a guest prediction of about 10 million dollars for Bitcoin technology.

Role of Murad Mahmudov in The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument;

Murad Mahmudov is considered to be largest Bitcoin maximalist in this whole world. Both Murad and Anthony discuss about the worth and introduction of Bitcoin. They also make conversation about works and importance of monetary system in detail. Fiat currencies are doomed by the use of these currencies. They also proposed a detail description about how banks and other systems of institutions should be think about Bitcoin and its functions.

The energy consumption for the cryptocurrencies has carried out by the global consumption that tends to convert these energies into inexpensive power. These energies are also used by dirty fossil fuels such as coal to increase the environmental level of the system. In response to this system, governments are now finding ways to regulate the systematic level of mining companies. These both set rules to limit the pollution created by these systems and also gets lower the stress which is caused by these big mining companies towards the local power companies. The process of Soluna aims to solve the problem that were created by computing centers as well as powered by utility scale renewable type of green energy. Their basic mission is to give economical power that will also build infrastructure of blockchain and also the sort of mining company that will own by the renewable energy resources. This means to be very encouraging step for the moment of blockchain which supposed to be a big kind of trading cryptocurrency in near future. If you would like to read more about Apple blackballs wildly popular crypto podcast visit this article.

Whatever the reason is set behind where the Bitcoin was censored by Apple company, there are also many kinds of Bitcoin podcasts that will leads the business of cryptocurrency towards height of success. These podcasts provide platform for the Bitcoin lovers to assess all possible ways through which they can get rewards and profits.


As per the article, we can confirm that iTunes Apple company is going to censor the crypto based podcast named “Off the Chain” by the well known blockchain adopter named Anthony Pompliano. He in combination with Murad’s view also started a new podcast named “The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument” which get huge fame and success. They both had deep conversations on the topic of Bitcoin and they also proposed the specifications of this technology on this podcast. Murad view are also very clear about this podcast which he explains as most important podcast that investors will not imagine before. We should also have to support the censor of this podcast which turned into many parts and levels. Other companies will also have to adopt this podcast.

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