Announcing Amon’s partnership with Daneel

We are proud to announce Daneel as our partner!

Daneel aims to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle. Daneel gets you the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals and market emotions analysis. By using the most powerful A.I. in the fields of machine learning and conversational, Watson by IBM, it assists every non-professional crypto-trader in their daily investment decision-making.

Download on IOS or Android our Ethereum Wallet – the safest and most popular portfolio for investing and storing digital resources. Amon allows you to manage all your assets in one place.

Daneel Assistant provides unchallenged news curation and market emotion analysis through its own AI assistant, which understands natural language and adapts its answers whether you are a beginner, a mid-level or an expert trader, using Watson by IBM (official partnership with IBM PartnerWorld). The solution will be available as a mobile app or on a desktop version, allowing crypto investors to aggregate and manage all of their wallets safely.

You can see the very first version of Daneel AI and its capabilities owed to IBM Watson at (the showcase serves as an indication of the potential of the solution — this is NOT the final product).

Daneel and Amon share the same objectives: Using AI to make the crypto ecosystem simple, trustworthy and convenient for everyone.

Daneel can help you to stay up to date with the most reliable news and market emotion analysis,in order to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio more efficiently and profitably, while Amon ensures you get the maximum value from spending your cryptocurrencies. Both aim to help you make cryptocurrency work for you, reduce uncertainty and volatility thanks to powerful AI solutions.

Amon and Daneel have started working together to explore how both A.I. systems could benefit from collaborating, and we are very excited about where we are headed!

Through synergizing our respective core competencies, the partnership between Amon and Daneel will result in A.I. that enables the entire crypto community to deal with (and even benefit from) volatility in much better way.

Daneel ICO is ongoing until the 5th of March 2018 (

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