Amon’s Stand To Crypto-World

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As one of the newest exponents of groundbreaking cryptocurrency technological advancement, Amon stands as a flag-bearer for the crypto-world, a herald of change. But how exactly does it plan to do so? We look in this article about the different ways that Amon plans to unify and revolutionize the way that people understand and use cryptocurrency across the globe.

So, what does Amon bring to the table, to be able to claim such a momentous office as a bearer of the standard of cryptocurrency? Well, the key difference Amon wants to make is to unify the various major cryptocurrencies among the thousand and implement a better system for its users. By this, of course, Amon’s brilliant Artificial Intelligence program is being referenced. The program is unique in being able to follow the enigmatic trends of cryptocurrency value and decide, using various sophisticated algorithms from within its plethora of protocols, which one suits you the best. As if that wasn’t enough, the goal of the system is to amalgamate the most successful of the cryptocurrencies under its cooperative growth plans, so that together the crypto-world may stand so much stronger.

What Makes Amon uniquely suitable for this task?

Well, Amon was the first to realise that the irrational trends in the market for cryptocurrency prices were obstructive in the way of progress. The inconstant fluctuation in the market discouraged investors from making their move, and, yes, this was detrimental to the growth and expansion of the crypto-world. Daniele Izzo, CEO of Amon, has stated that this was a major issue for him as well in his early career. Citing this issue as a ‘pain point’ in spending cryptocurrency online, he explains how this led to the eventual establishment of Amon:

‘We also came across immense volatility like everybody else. It seemed like a double- edged sword. It became a pain point when spending crypto. Which currency would give us the max value at the time of purchase? Which cryptocurrency is outperforming others and so on. We wanted to make sense of the volatility and figure out a way of not only mitigating it but actually using it to our advantage.’ -Daniele Izzo

So, Amon was founded to help prevent this issue to stop investors from using cryptocurrency. Likewise, another issue faced by Daniele and the rest of the world was the lack of accessibility when possessing multiple cryptocurrencies. Read more here.

For these reasons was Amon founded; and for this reason, it possess a position unlike every other. You see, unlike any other corporation in the industry, Amon was founded to solve the problems of the crypto-world, and to help service providers and customers to carry out their activities in a much more streamlined manner.

This is still the aim behind Amon, the driving force behind all that they may do. Izzo and his team work tirelessly to bring the change that will revolutionise the way we understand the field of e-finance and cryptocurrency; this is why Amon deserves the position as its flag-bearer.

What Benefits Will Amon Bring to The Crypto-World?

Amon’s aim has always been to unite the leading cryptocurrencies under a single goal, to improve their overall performance. Of course, healthy competition is still necessary for good performance, and Amon recognizes the necessity for diversity in the market. As its C.E.O. said:

“…I do like to think that all the crypto cards competitors are shaping the same revolution even if they compete with each other.” -Daniele Izzo

What Amon really considers its top priority is to reduce the constant fluctuation in the price of cryptocurrencies across the board. To do so, they have introduced their A.I., which seeks to reduce price instability by predicting trends and making them more manageable. Using powerful software to fight the unforeseeable future? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The fact is, Amon has always been working to make everyone’s life better. Its Smart Wallet lets users make the best decision when buying Bitcoin with a credit card and when spending that bought Bitcoin online. For many investors, the choice can be a very hard one: to spend a currency that is performing poorly, to get rid of it and incur fewer losses, or to spend the currency that is doing better in the market, in the hopes that your other currency will improve later on. This conundrum makes the investor decide not to spend at all, which causes a host of other problems, like increase the gulf between the rich and the poor, and a decrease in the currencies’ spending power. So, Amon’s smart wallet helps to calculate which currency you should use, all the while considering factors like your preferred choice of cryptocurrency and the volatility of the cryptocurrencies in your wallet. (For those of you who aren’t aware, the wallet is where all your cryptocurrencies are stored safely). Read more here.

Lastly, Amon has issued its own plans for a smart virtual debit card called the Amon Card. Acting as a normal debit card, as a Bitcoin debit card, and as an Ethereum debit card, the Amon Card will integrate the Amon A.I., and will be the next step towards a brighter future, where the problems that we face in the crypto-world today will be gone and forgotten.

Regarding the Amon card and the virtual payment card market in general, Amon C.E.O. Daniele Izzo had to say:

I frankly think that at the moment we can consider crypto card as a niche market, but it is growing exponentially as more and more crypto holders feel the need to spend their cryptos in daily life and are after a simpler way to do it. It’s in a growth phase as several unmet needs of the market are yet to be catered to. The gap that Amon intends to fill. The market is growing so fast in both users and transactions that I believe, there is still space for more companies even after our entrance in the market.

So, Amon’s stance in the crypto-world can be one of active encouragement to others, where it helps and supports other brands to expand while surely doing the same itself.

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