How is it going AMONers? We are happy to announce our next monthly update.

Results of the Card Design Poll
As you all know, we had opened the voting for the designs of our cards. After a week of the voting period, the community finally decided what the looks of our cards would be! We have chosen the Top 4 designs instead of 3, as after the votes received from the community, Design 1 will be the Regular Amon Card, so it means we are going to have 4 card tiers! Check it out here

Results of the Add-on
Last week we announced the results of the Add-on Poll. After a week of voting, you — our community, finally decided the add-ons that you want to be in our card. Here’s the TOP 3: #1 — Contactless, #2 — Increase Cash Back, #3 — Purchase Protection. Later you will hear which of the Add-ons we are going to use.

New team member Luca
This month we were excited to welcome the newest team member, Luca Airoldi! Luca has more than 15 years of experience in the world payment systems and was VP at VISA!

Luca joined Amon to support the team in the relationship with card providers, he also helps with a creation process, product and proposition development, profitability models and all the operations involved in cards issuing.

Two activity licenses acquired by Amon!
This month Amon has acquired two activity licenses. This allows us to store legally cryptocurrencies in the Amon wallet and exchange them for Fiat currencies.
The first license allows our wallet to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies regulated by Estonian law and the second one allows exchanging fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto between the Amon wallet and card.
Obtaining the licenses mentioned above makes a very good jumpstart and boost the progress of our project.

Here the licenses numbers: FRK000200 and no FVR000252

New website & Blog
The Amon team is very proud that we launched our new landing page and Amon Blog earlier this month. Our goal with the new website is to provide to our users an easier way to learn more about Amon, the site gives better access to stay updated about the project.We are very happy to move to our own blog!
We are keeping both our Amon website Blog and the Medium Blog. What is the difference? Company announcements will be made on both blogs, while on the New Amon website Blog we will post also interesting articles concerning the crypto industry. You will find weekly news about cryptocurrencies, crypto debit cards, ICO´s, investments and more.

We finally made Amon Wallet APP available for iOS, you can use it to check and monitor all your tokens/coins! To install the APP just go to the Apple Store, search for ‘Amon’ and hit ‘Install’! Or visit our Website and download the IOS APP from there.

You can store AMN Tokens, Bitcoin and Ethereum for now, more cryptocurrencies will follow soon.

Coinhub Listing
Since a few days, the Amon token is tradable on Coinhub!
The following pairs are available: AMN/BTC  —  AMN/ETH  — AMN/USD.

So sign up to the platform and start trading AMN on Coinhub! it’s quite easy, you can register by clicking here.
There are some verification checks that need to be completed before any trades can be executed. However, the entire process can be done within 10–15 minutes.

We believe this exchange is a great step for the Amon token, but of course, we are still working to get AMN Tokens listed in other major exchanges.

As you know we can’t give you a specific date for the cards distribution right now, but what we can say is that we are making big steps. Now we acquired the licenses and a former VP at VISA is on board. So the process is speeding up. We will keep you updated with more announcements in the near future!

Thanks for supporting the Amon Project!

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