Amon’s Multi Currency Wallet and it’s Benefits

If you’ve ever gone to a store, cafe, restaurant where you wanted to spend money but the majority of your money is cryptocurrency, then you know what a pain it can be to use it. Not everyone accepts crypto and you can’t really blame them because of all this volatility that would necessitate stores to keep changing their list prices.

Download on IOS or Android our Bitcoin Cash Wallet – the safest and most popular portfolio for investing and storing digital resources. Amon allows you to manage all your assets in one place.

Enter Amon. It not only enables you to pay with crypto and the retailer receive it in Fiat but also offers the ultimate flexibility to you while do so.

Amon’s Multi Currency Wallet and it’s Benefits

Amon’s multi-currency wallet is able to store all the major cryptocurrencies, and even lets you keep a fiat currency balance. Crypto is not longer just about Bitcoin. As more currencies come to the fore backed by solid projects and use cases, Bitcoin’s dominance keeps getting reduced. Hence, the need for a wallet that goes beyond Bitcoin. Ours goes even further, it lets you store your entire portfolio of cryptos. You no longer have to worry about maintaining and keeping track of several wallets.

When one of the currencies makes more sense to use, You can either make that call yourself or let Amon do it for you, and in real time convert it into fiat all the while ensuring extremely low fees. Of course, the AI feature of letting Amon select the best crypto automatically can be turned off but when using the card, every feature is a must-have feature for the user.

It does not matter what cryptocurrency the user is currently using, they can convert it easily and efficiently to the store’s fiat.

Amon is accepted everywhere a Mastercard is accepted, So, you can ensure that you’re able to pay for the items you purchase without having to worry about the Amon card being declined.

How is Amon Revolutionary?

Use any of your cryptocurrencies to make purchases and not just Bitcoin. Just tell Amon which one you want to use for conversion to Fiat at the time of payment or let the AI do it for you. Want to transfer one to the next without leaving the Amon platform? This can also be done via the built-in exchange.

You’re given a whole account that you can utilize to your advantage, including a trading platform. Everything is done with Amon by your side. Crypto trading has never been easier, crypto buying has never been more rewarding.

Why not try Amon for yourself?

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