Amon Wallet’s Alpha version is Here!

Head on over to our website and try out our Wallet’s Alpha version. You will find links to get a testnet bitcoin from Faucet to use on the Alpha wallet. Don’t worry, it’s an App prototype at this stage, and works on the testnet. No real currency is involved. We just want you to take a tour of the wallet App and familiarize yourself with how it works. We also want you to give us your feedback and make any suggestions you want regarding the wallet.

Follow These Steps:

1) Click on Try Alpha Wallet at

2) Create an account

3) Check confirmation email for one-time verification code

4) Insert your one-time verification code

5) Create a Passcode for the App when prompted

6) Confirm the Passcode

7) Now you see you wallet. Click on Receive at the bottom to generate your Bitcoin receiving address

8) Now copy this address and Goto (for a testnet bitcoin / not real)

9) Paste your Bitcoin receiving address here and click “Get Bitcoin”

10) Now go back to your Amon Alpha wallet and click on the Bitcoin Balance. Here you will see the testnet bitcoin sent from Faucet to your Alpha Wallet as an unconfirmed transaction which will go through in minutes (on testnet).

Let us know how it went. How simple you felt it was and whether you have any suggestions or feedback. We attach the utmost importance to feedback to build a world class platform.

Remember to sign up to the whitelist. Not only will you get exclusive access to the pre-ICO Token Sale, but you will also receive a 25% Token bonus and an Amon Gold card — completely FREE and mailed to you directly.

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