Amon Wallet, know our history and be part of the revolution

In this article, you will learn a bit more about the history of Amon. We will talk about the creation of the company, the market, other companies in this segment, partnerships, technology and artificial intelligence. Let’s start!

A company created to revolutionize the market

Amon’s first steps took place in early 2018 with the idea to create an innovative crypto spending card.

Many solutions already existed in the market at this time and the differential of Amon was to associate the card with an artificial intelligence instant conversion algorithm to reduce the volatility of digital assets.

Amon performs his ICO successfully

The Amon team conducted a successful ICO between March / April 2018 reaching over $1.5 Million in token sales through the coin offering and to private investors.

The MAN token was created and 1.2 billion tokens were issued with 362 million from the public offering and another 846 million to the team, founders, advisors, bounty and reserves.

With the ICO funding, the team started the wallet development and delivered the first version of the application with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and the Amon exchange.

Soon after the ICO Amon obtained a termless operating licenses no FRK000200 and no FVR000252 from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to operate as a virtual currency wallet service provider and exchanging fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto.

Amon participates in MKB FintechLab, acceleration program backed by MKB Bank

In early 2019, a big door opened for Amon with the selection for one of Hungary’s most famous acceleration programs, MKB FintechLab backed by the institutional MKB Bank, the country’s fourth-largest commercial bank in Hungary.

In just three months the project had a great evolution in every way. New partners like Celsius.Network and BitGo have brought significant improvements to increase user experience and satisfaction with the app.

A major achievement of the program Amon launched two new services, launched 4 new cryptos and created outstanding partnerships:

  • The Euro Wallet that provides the users with a virtual IBAN to deposit or withdraw Euro funds and exchange them against cryptos
  • The Earn product where users can earn interests in crypto by just depositing them in the Amon wallet
  • Amon added to its coins DASH, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI and USDC as additional coins to the already existing coins Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Among the partnerships, Amon created a bond with the FCA and EMI licensed provider Moorwand to release the Amon debit card and Celsius.Network for the release of the Earn product.

Amon Nominated for Disruptive Company Award for the year 2019 in the AI & Blockchain Summit in Malta

In May 2019 Amon was selected as one of the finalists for the 2019 disruptive company award of the year given by the Malta AI Blockchain Summit as further recognition of the project’s innovations and potential.

The Amon team joined the event in both May and November 2019.

MKB FintechLAB becomes a shareholder of Amon

Realizing the potential of the project, new opportunities in the future and especially the competence and professionalism of the entire team, MKB FintechLab itself has become Amon’s partner and shareholder and has assisted companies in all legal, financial and compliance activities.

In August 2019 Amon raises further €225.000 from MKB Innovation Lab and a business angel.

Plans for Crypto card and AI system release

Despite all this wonderful work, one question always comes up in our Telegram community. When card?

Through its partnership with the issuer Moorwand, Amon is aiming to bring the card on the market in 2020.

The Amon AI system is a perk of the Amon wallet. It includes 3 layers of analysis that help users to make better decisions on their investment:

  • Layer 1: Statistical Analysis. It helps users to understand the historical performances of its cryptos to take better decisions.
  • Layer 2: Portfolio Risk. Analysis of the portfolio risk strategy.
  • Layer 3: Forecast. Analysis of the crypto pricing forecast for the next 2-6 hours.

A bright future is reserved for Amon

2020 will still reserve many surprises for those who follow the project.

Amon is backed by institutional investors, relevant industry partners and works with regulated institutions.

Stay tuned. Welcome to the revolution, welcome to Amon.