Amon Tokens Tradable In Cryptopia!

We already announced Bancor. Today, we are happy to announce that trading is now live on Crytopia!

Quick Reminder:

Total AMN Tokens sold: 358,917,489.83 AMN Tokens

AMN Token ICO Price: $0.05

Web Wallet:

Cryptopia is a global exchange where you can trade the world’s largest range of cryptocurrencies. The exchange is fast, secure and easy to use and you can start trading Amon within minutes.

Cryptopia currently supports over 500 cryptocurrencies with a daily trading volume of over 15 Million USD.

If you want to trade Amon Token, sign up to Cryptopia here and create your account.

Who can use Cryptopia?

Cryptopia is a global exchange and they welcome users to sign up and trade from anywhere in the world.


Cryptopia is very secure and safe exchange and it will not distribute any personal information it collects, except for the purposes related to the reason it was collected. See more information on how to keep your account safe here.

Cryptopia uses a HTTPS security certificate and the site is full of captchas, so a DDOS attack seems very unlikely to happen any time soon. Strong passwords are enforced and Cryptopia take all efforts to ensure the integrity and security of all data on the platform.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create an account with Cryptopia and how to start trading

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