Amon Tokens Listing In Coinhub

Hello AMONer´s! How is it going?

We have great news! We are still working to get AMN Tokens listed in major exchanges, today, we are happy to announce that AMN will be listed on Coinhub with the following pairs: AMN/BTC — AMN/ETH — AMN/USD

The Listing is schedule for 15th July 2018!

Learn More About Coinhub

Coinhub is a Singaporean based exchange, offering users a free, built-in wallet. This wallet uses mechanisms such as “encrypted cold storage” and “multi-factor authentication”, so as to make sure that your purchases are stored securely, and are free of any issues related to theft or third party interference. While many of the online exchanges offering crypto trading options only accept BTC, ETH to make purchases, Coinhub allows users to make deposits and withdrawals using conventional means such as Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer (SWIFT), the exchange features a full trading platform instead of a simple interface. To ensure that all the transactions that take place within this system are in accordance with international+domestic regulatory laws, Coinhub makes sure that each customer has to undergo thorough Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications.

Coinhub charges zero processing fees on all made deposits and withdrawals. Their customer service support is working 24/7 and they all are well trained and ready to help you out in any question you might have.

Sign up on the platform is quite easy,you can register by clicking here. There are some verification checks that need to be completed before any trades can be executed. However, the entire process can be done within 10–15 minutes.

Soon, you will be able to trade AMN Tokens on Coinhub!

Stay Tuned!



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