Amon Token Sale Begins Soon — Important Information

Congratulations! Our ICO begins soon. You are about to become part of a revolutionary Crypto Debit Card. We welcome our 25,000+ whitelist investors to the private ICO on March 1st and others to the public ICO on March 4th.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming event:


Private ICO: Private ICO will run for 24 hours only March 1st, 5pm UTC to March 2nd, 5pm UTC. It is open only to Whitelist participants (Whitelist on closes on 28th February 12 am UTC).

How to participate in Private ICO: Sign up for the Token Sale, contribute and complete the KYC. While signing-up use the same email you used for whitelist. Also make sure you’ve agreed to our T&Cs.

Public ICO: Public ICO will run from March 4th to April 4th.

How to participate in Public ICO: Sign up, contribute and complete the KYC. Also ensure you’ve agreed to our T&Cs.

How much you can contribute: First 2000 contributors will not have any restrictions. After the first 2,000 contributors, there will be an individual cap of 5 ETH to give a fair chance to all our 25,000 whitelist contributors to be able to invest in the private ICO and to get 25% bonus tokens plus FREE Amon Card. However, Public ICO will be open to all.

Hard Cap: The hard cap is $25 million USD. The conversion to Ethereum will take place just before the token sale and account for potential volatility.

Token Release Date: Tokens will be displayed immediately after sending ETH or BTC in the Token Purchasing Area. At the end of the ICO AMN Tokens will be sent directly in your Amon Wallet.

Exchanges: We are in discussions with HitBTC, Binance, Tidex and few other exchanges. We will be in a position to make listing announcements once the ICO is underway.

Token Details

Price: 1 AMN = 0.05 USD. Conversion from ETH or BTC to AMN token will be calculated by our aggregator that checks the prices of different exchanges and takes the best rate.

Accepted currencies: We accept ETH and BTC.

Number of Tokens: A maximum of 500,000,000 AMN tokens can be generated in the Token Sale event.

Eligibility and KYC

KYC: KYC will be open until April 7th 12 am UTC time, however we do advise you to complete it within two days of contributing. We do understand the concern that a significant number of people might require some days to gather their KYC docs and they might run the risk of getting left out as the ICO fills up quickly. To avoid logistical and timing issues, you can complete your KYC after you have contributed so that there is no chance of missing out. Our KYC partners are Identity Mind Global.

Eligibility: US and Chinese investors cannot contribute in the ICO. We are able to accept contribution from accredited investors from US. You can get proof for this via, your accountant, lawyer, bank, or anyone else that is legally allowed to provide verification. No exceptions will be made for non-accredited Americans.

Nationality Restrictions: We reserve the right to not accept any contributions from citizens of countries where ICOs are banned and that do not comply with AML regulations.

Utility of AMN Token

Holders of AMN tokens get exclusive benefits like

Amon Card Discounted Fees: Holders of AMN tokens will get special fee structure. Details of the discounts and low fees will be released after the ICO and will vary depending on the type of Card and numbers of AMN tokensheld.

Priority Customer Service Line: Customer service in crypto industry is not up to the standards of other industries. For this reason, we will provide different levels of customer service with 24/7 priority line to AMN token holders.

MasterNode Benefits: Although AMN tokens won’t be running any masternodes, but the top holders of AMN tokens will be passed on masternode benefits that Amon accrues from crypto currencies that do payout masternode benefits. For details about how it works check out our Token Sale FAQs.

Cashback of AMN Tokens: For every transaction made with the Amon Card you will get a percentage of AMN tokens as Cashback. We have set the Cashback at 0.5% for Gold and Platinum Card.

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