Amon Token distribution day is here!

Hello AMONer’s!

Here it is, today at 9pm CET Time will start the Amon Tokens distribution!

Please be aware that if you would like to withdraw your Amon Tokens to another wallet, DO NOT panic, it might takes some time. For more information about how to withdraw your Amon Tokens please, read the following article.

We are happy to announce that during the ICO over +3,500 contributors joined the Amon ICO and 358,917,489.83 AMN Tokens have been sold!

We raised funds from different coins and from different investors: public sale contributors, private investors, pools and Token Swaps with partner companies that invested their tokens in our ICO. For investors with higher amount of AMN tokens there is no risk of speculation, all of them have locked AMN tokens and can sell only a small percentage of their tokens over a certain period of time. Vesting tokens with our partners is also a guarantee for the success of the partnership and commitment from both parties.

Total funding:

  • ETH: 2482.91
  • BTC: 61.25
  • Pools, Private investors and Token Swaps: 11,450,000 USD in different coins

Tokens Burnt

Unsold tokens that will be burnt are 137,010,894.19 and to keep the percentages of distribution consistent to Team, Advisors, Founders, Reserves and Bounty we will burn extra 319,692,086.45 AMN tokens.

We will keep you posted on the burnt in the next announcements.

Contributions Refunded

Over the ICO we have widely communicated that people not passing the KYC would be refunded in full.

The rejected KYC are 163 of which we found out 149 were US and Chinese citizens/residents. We still have few pending KYC that we are dealing singularly with each contributors.

We will refund a total amount of 178.60 ETH and 6.39 BTC

We will communicate the exact date of the refund and will occur after the token distribution.


As we have already communicated we are proud to announce Bancor as first exchange! The listing is scheduled for this week, and we will soon announce the activation of the token on the Bancor Network, so stay tuned!

But we are not stopping here, we got confirmation to get listed also on Idex, Exrates and Cryptopia. More exchanges will be coming as we want to see the AMN token listed on all the major exchanges!

Millionaire Bonus

10x Millionaire Bonus was a success! We are also proud to announce the 10 Winners of Amon Millionaire Bonus.

Congratulations to all of you!

We will get in touch with each of you to make sure you have received your tokens.

From where are coming those bonus? Don’t worry, those AMN Tokens have been taken from Amon reserves. The Amon reserves are now 25.46% of the total tokens supply.

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