Amon Team Attended to Blockchain World Summit London

Change is the only constant in this universe, connecting the ecosystems of cloud computing to quantum physics. And one of the most prominent changes to have made it out of the labs and find critical success is cryptocurrency.

Last week our team attended to blockchain world summit held at Grange St. Pauls London, where +3,000 people attended from 10 or more countries. The Amon team had the chance to meet different companies and potential partners. Interesting topics such as future of blockchain, challenges in developments and ICO projects were discussed by the speakers and attendees.

Daneel meets Amon

Amon´s CEO and Daneel´s CEO

The Amon crew met our partner Daneel which is ahead of games with their AI system. Daneel developed a chatbot that already arose the attention of different exchanges as add-on service for their customers. But most importantly Amon and Daneel are working on an AI system to support crypto exchange. This AI system is based on 3 pillars:

  • Price and past coin trend

This pillar is based on data analytics studying the current price and past trends of the different coins.

  • Sentiment

This is based on data screening of socials media, news, events, communities and is able to detect the sentiment of a specific coin.

  • Price prediction

This tool analyses data and market trends to forecast short term prediction over the next 6 hours.

We discussed the possibility to add a 4th pillar that would be based on the Risk Profile of the users which can be based on the coins volatility. For example, a user that is not willing to take risks might prefer to exchange coins more volatile rather than coins less volatiles.

The aggregation of these information gives a score that can be used to take decisions. We are very excited of this partnership and of what can come next from our collaboration.

Amon and Daneel Team

It was also a great pleasure to meet James from Cryptorookies that have been following our project closely since the beginning. Their platform provides guidance and advice to the new comers in the crypto space along with support on ICO stage.

Cristian, Harold, James, Daniel and Pacien Dani from Amon and James from Cryptorookies

Card issuer meeting

We were also thrilled to meet our card issuer team face-to-face in their office in the centre of London. We discussed for few hours the details of our application and the potential critical points that we might need to adjust.

We have started the process of integrating our KYC with their system, it will still take few weeks and meanwhile we are keeping the same process that we have since the beginning of the token sale.

As we are working on the exchange crypto-fiat functionality, we discussed how the competition are working and where we would like to be position in the market.

Another important point of discussion was also the possibility to integrate investment products. via our card provider we are in touch with a big hedge fund with which we are getting in discussion for potential investment products to add to our wallet.

We will keep you posted on the developments!

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