Amon Project Update

Good day Amon family!

While it may seem that we have been quiet as of late, rest assured that we are working very hard in the background to bring you the best product that we possibly can.
While all of the details are still in the works, we can provide you with a little peek of what is to come!

IT Development

Purchase crypto with Credit/Debit Card in the Amon Wallet

As announced we have started a partnership with Indacoin and we have integrated in the wallet the possibility to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Amon Tokens directly with your Visa or Mastercard to manage in your Amon wallet.

This functionality is ready on the Desktop APP and will be soon available on the iOS and Android Apps.

New Coins Coming

Many of you are wondering, what’s cooking next in the Amon IT roadmap? Our development team is working around the clock to integrate new cryptocurrencies in the wallet for all of our users. We are working on the integration of more than one cryptocurrencies all in once and the development team is testing many different coins to make sure that all transactions work fine. This feature will be ready to roll out in the following weeks to come.

Exchange Crypto-Crypto

Over the past months we have been working on our AI system and with the exchange we will have a first part of it. We will be implementing the exchange with different pairs.

The algorithm behind the exchange will automatically check the prices of pairs on many exchanges and get the best rate for the pair.


Another important functionality of the wallet is the integration of fiat currencies. Along with our card provider we will be able to provide virtual IBAN for each wallet. IBANs will be available worldwide and will allow users to send and receive fiat currencies in the Amon wallet.

AMN Tokens Lock

As you know the AMN tokens will play an important role in the ecosystem of the Amon Wallet. We will allow fees discount and certain features only to AMN holders. On this regards we are integrating the functionality to lock AMN tokens in our wallet for users to be able to benefits of these functionalities as soon as they get ready.

Amon Card

We are often asked, “When will the card be available?”. While there is still no fixed date, we are working hard to bring the Amon Card to you as soon as possible as this is our main goal! In the weeks to come, we will be announcing more detailed information on the card and functionality.

We really appreciate your support and patience. In the meantime, you can pre-order your Amon card here

Amon on Reddit

We are proud that our reddit profile is getting exposure. Our posts has been voted on different occasions as top 5. We continue working not only to offer a product but also a blog site where you can check the latest news about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and much more.

AMA Video Interviews to Amon Team

We are preparing a new Ama session with Amon´s CTO Cristian Izzo. This will be available in the next few weeks. If you missed the AMA video interview hosted by James from CryptoRookies, you can head to James Youtube channel and check out the full interview. A new AMA session with Daniele will be available soon after we receive the official word from our card issuer.

Daniele´s Interview:

Luca´s Interview:

James Channel:

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