AMON Monthly Update — May

How is going AMONer’s?

We are happy to announce our first monthly update.

New website Style

Following the end of our ICO, we are redesigning the Amon website with a main focus on the presentation of our product and vision. We have already made few changes and we will be restyle our web very soon.

Exchanges announcement

It has been an intense month after the ICO! AMN Tokens are listed and tradable on Bancor, Idex, Exrates and Cryptopia. We are also present on CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, EasyCrypto and we are getting on more platforms.

We want to increase our daily trading volume therefore we are in discussion with other exchanges. We will update you as soon as we will confirm new listing, Stay Tuned!

Amon APP

As we promised during the ICO our APP is ready with ETH, BTC and AMN. We are keeping the Amon APP only for the ICO contributors that have passed our KYC and we are keeping sign ups closed. We will release the APP publicly once we will receive the licences for the Estonian Financial Authority.

We have kept the promise of having an APP ready with the end of the ICO but we are not stopping here, we are constantly improving the APP and we will be introducing new cryptos.

E-money Licenses

While for payment transaction we will be able to use our card provider licence, to exchange cryptos and fiat within our wallet Amon will need specific licence that are released from Estonian Financial institutions. We are already working to be compliant and meet all the requirements to get these licences in the fastest way possible.

Cards updates

As you know card distributions are finding hard time in the industry mainly due to regulatory compliance frameworks. We rely on the strong relationship that we have with our card provider since November 2017. At the moment our application is still under compliance check and we are working on the internal processes, Suspicious Activity and Fraud Monitoring processes, funds flow and many other regulations and processes to be sure we are compliant with the regulations.

Many of you have been asking for an exact date. Unfortunately we cannot provide a date at the moment, once we will have it sorted out we will announce it.

What else are we doing meanwhile?

We are happy to announce that we have a former VP at Visa that is part of the team. His role will be to support our application and creation of the processes and regulatory frameworks. We will announce soon an article with details.

Team development and New Hirings

Many people have been working on our project over the past 10 months, some have left with the end of the ICO, other stay and other are coming.

The end of the ICO is actually the start off of the real product and team development. We are able to do it thank to all your contribution and support.

The team will evolve and change. We are now launching our recruitment campaign to bring new talents in our team. If you are a blockchain developer, a card payment specialist, trader, digital marketing specialist or you simply want to help us with community management do not hesitate to write us at We are looking for great people!

Bounty and Refunds:

You are waiting for the distribution dates, we know it! Be a bit more patient, we will release the exact dates in the next days. We are planning to distribute bounty tokens in slots and we will provide the exact date of distribution for each slot.

We are just finishing the distribution, refunds will come right after, we will announce the date shortly, stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting the Amon Project!




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