Amon Entered Into A Partnership With

During the course of one month, we’ve been listed to different exchanges and ICO’s most of which are the top of the lists exchanges. Now, we are proud and excited to announce that Amon will again have a new company to partner with. That is XChangeRate!

XChangeRate’s mission is to provide a platform with an array of essential, powerful and valuable trading tools using augmented intelligence. With that being said, like Amon, we want to make your crypto-life more easier and convenient.

XChangeRate introduced their AI or their “Robot” to make trading more easier, convenient and efficient for everyone. XChangeRate’s Robot is a master of using present data of trades in the cryptocurrency market and analysing it. These data will then be interpreted for the users to know or predict when the price actions tends towards. Demand and supply, Market Capitalisation, Liquidity and Coin Suitability Index for all the coins on a selected exchange are being read and used as well in real-time. This feature of their AI is the first in the market and this might change the crypto-game!

Together with XChangeRate, we will explore how both A.I. systems could benefit everyone in crypto and we are both excited to where we are heading!

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