Amon Entered into a new Partnership with IndaCoin

As we already studied about the partnership that Amon made with other important fields of cryptocurrencies, here we are thrilled to announce the partnership that Amon is going to make with IndaCoin. However, if you are someone who is interested in cryptocurrency and invests in cryptocurrency then it is important for you to remain up to date.

IndaCoin, The easiest way to buy Bitcoin

IndaCoin started its mission in 2013 in London with more than 500.000 users. IndaCoin aims to provide its customers with the possibility to buy a large number of coins instantly using credit/debit cards. One good point about IndaCoin is that you can buy Bitcoin without registering, this feature makes Indacoin the fastest way to get BTC.

They also offer powerful analytics tools to help you to make investment decisions, and much wider service is available on their mobile apps where the clients can buy, exchange, sell and store the coins in a single wallet.

According to the research reports, IndaCoin works in more than 100 countries, making an exception for Japan and China, and offers more than 700 cryptocurrencies to purchase.

Amon and IndaCoin working Together

We implemented Indacoin API, so users will be able to buy, store, send and spend different cryptocurrencies within the Amon wallet. Implementing IndaCoin API into Amon wallet is a big step, making beneficial and simple for users to get several cryptocurrencies in the most convenient way.

As Amon Wallet support AMN, BTC, and ETH, you can buy crypto starting now! Other cryptocurrencies will follow soon such as Bitcoin Cash, Lumens, EOS, NEO, Waves and much more, given you the option to manage over 70 cryptocurrencies in one platform.

Buying crypto has never been so easy!

Join Amon revolution and Pre-order your Amon card now!

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