AMON Cards Design Poll!

Good day AMONers!

Amon wants our users to have the best services that we can provide. One of such services is our card. As you all know, a delay has occurred in processing of our cards. However, we can assure you that we are working and doing our best to make our cards available as soon as possible. To sum it up, one of the most important parts of our preparations is the card design.

We are proud and happy to announce that the poll for the designs of our cards is now open!

You may click the link to vote:

We also included a “Suggestion” field. Feel free to send us your suggestions/opinions as well as your own designs if you have one and we’ll check it all out.

Voting will be open for a week! Tell you friends now and participate!

Thank you for your utmost support! Have a good day everyone!

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