Amon Card Tiers

We are happy to announce the Amon Debit Card cashback reward program.

The AMN token is designed to improve your experience of the Amon Wallet. We want to provide AMN token holders with unique features and services as a reward for your loyalty. 


Will my AMN token be locked?


Your Amon token won’t be locked. Once you decide the card program of your choice, simply:

  1. Deposit the AMN token into your perk account; 
  2. Choose a program and accept the terms of the program; and 
  3. Hold the AMN token for the entire duration of the program 


What happens if I withdraw my AMN?


If you withdraw your AMN token, you will lose your benefits.  


Do I lose my benefits if the token price drops?


No, you only lose your benefits if you withdraw your Amon token from the perk account.


I withdrew my AMN, how can I get the same benefits?


Deposit your AMN token into your perk account and sign up for a perk plan.


Will I get an automatic upgrade if the AMN value rises?

How can I upgrade to a better program?


To upgrade to a higher-tier plan, you need to withdraw your AMN  token and apply for a higher-tier plan manually and accept the new program’s terms.


What is AmonLab?


AmonLab is a special group created for top AMN token holders who vote on new product features for Amon. AmonLab’s involvement in Amon’s decisions is a great way for us to listen to our community and provide a sense of governance to top AMN holders. 


What is Amon Give?


  • Amon users can donate their cash-back to charities


  • Users will be able to choose their favorite charity inside the Amon Wallet


  • Users will get rewards for achieved donation milestones like new card designs, premium customer service and other premium perks. 


What benefits will ICO investors receive?



* The Investor Program is valid for 12 months after card activation. Conditions will be made known as the product is released.

**Available for 12 months after release of the services