Amon Card KYC FAQ

We have over 25,000 investors in our whitelist lined up for the private ICO, therefore we recommend to follow the instructions and contributions in the ICO at your earliest.

To comply with regulations, Amon will ask contributors to complete KYC. Our KYC partner is Identity Mind Global.

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If you have the ID docs ready and want to do KYC first, then do it before private/public ICO has begun. Once the ICO has begun, be sure to contribute first and KYC afterwards.

We do understand the concern that a significant number of people might require some days to gather their KYC docs and they might run the risk of getting left out as the ICO fills up quickly. Therefore, to avoid logistical and timing issues, you can complete your KYC after you have contributed so that there is no chance of missing out.

  1. What is KYC?

KYC is Know Your Customer. These are standard procedures requiring basic ID information from ICO contributors for compliance and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML).

2. What are the steps for completing KYC before ICO and the steps if ICO has begun and we haven’t done KYC yet:

Steps to follow for KYC before ICO:

  1. Sign-up for Amon Token Sale (Sign-up functionality goes live on 27th February)
  2. Login to your Token Sale Dashboard
  3. Go to the KYC Tab on your Dashboard
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete KYC
  5. Sign back in on 1st March to your Token Sale Dashboard
  6. Purchase AMN tokens during the Private ICO on 1st March. If you miss the private ICO, contribute in the Public ICO from March 4th to April 4th

Steps to follow for KYC if ICO has begun (contribute first, do KYC after):

  1. Sign-up for Amon Token Sale
  2. Login to your Token Sale Dashboard
  3. Purchase AMN tokens FIRST (before KYC)
  4. You get until 7th of April to submit your KYC documents. However, we advise to do it within 2 days of contributing and not wait until the deadline so that you have ample time to re-apply for KYC if your first attempt is unsuccessful.

3. What happens if my KYC fails?

No worries! We will notify you and give you a chance to re-apply. In case you don’t pass the KYC multiple times, please contact us or we will refund your contribution in full at the end of the ICO.

If for any reason, you do not want to run the KYC or you do not agree on the result of the KYC we advise you to contact us at

4. Which countries cannot contribute?

Citizens and residents from US and China cannot contribute due to regulations of the countries.

5. Can I submit my documents for KYC before contributing?

Yes! If you want to do KYC first then do it before the Private and public ICOs have begun. You can start KYC on 27th February. Private ICO starts on March 1st, and Public ICO starts on March 4th. However, once the private ICO has begun we recommend contributing first and then completing KYC afterwards, so that you don’t miss out in case ICO hard cap is reached quickly.

Priority will be given to contributors who have already contributed. Contributing first and then completing KYC will also give you time to re-apply in case the first attempt at KYC is unsuccessful.

6. What documents do you accept?

We accept Passport (preferred), Driving licence, Identity Card and any other complementary documents such as utility bill, certificate of residency.

7. My passport only has one side, what to do?

Our KYC process requires that you upload both sides (front and back) of your passport. If your passport is one-sided, simply upload the front part of your ID twice.

8. How long does it take to verify my KYC?

It generally takes few hours depending on the volume of KYC that we processing but might take longer, therefore do not wait KYC approval to contribute.

9. When do you stop accepting contribution?

We will accept contribution until the Hard Cap is reached. If the Hard cap is reached during the 24 hours Private ICO on March 1st, we will not run any Public ICO.

10. I would like to change some info in my KYC. How do I do that?

Please specify what information in your KYC was incorrect, and send it along with your KYC email to

11. I completed my KYC but never received a confirmation email. Has my KYC been fully verified?

Your KYC is only verified if you received a confirmation email. Please be patient, we will send this to you as soon as the process is complete.

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