Amon Card Advantages

Amon card is a marvel of innovation and technology, a simple plastic card that helps you do it all in one go. The card was introduced to help users manage their assets and funds in one wallet.

But if you desire to understand how the card works, in order to be able to use it better, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will look over why the card is so special and what features it has that make it so unique.


To start with, let’s brush up on our knowledge of crypto cards. Basically, they act as debit cards within a certain blockchain or currency. For example, TenX will allow you to make transactions in Bitcoin from a lot of retailers, and in Ethereum. This means that you can easily convert most of your fiat currency to cryptocurrency, and not have to be worried about money shortage. These cards are mostly functional in only two kinds of currency, but many more are springing up all the time, each with a certain package engineered for a certain audience.

The reason that people need crypto cards is, as we discussed earlier, that they need to be able to use the money they have. Unless you’re Elon Musk and you have enough money to buy a fortune in Bitcoin, and still pay the bills, you need to use the cash you bought online with a credit card instantly.

But the problems happen when you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Let’s say you aren’t too impressed by the way Bitcoin’s price has been falling as of late. You think Ethereum is a better choice, but at the same, your friends tell you constantly that the low prices are an ideal investment opportunity. So, just to shut Ryan up, you buy both, and maybe a little Litecoin to make Chad shut up too.

Now you have three different currencies in your wallet, which are all fluctuating in price at different intervals and times. To spend your money, you need to decide which currency you’re willing to part with the most. Now Elon Musk can just choose anything because if he can send a car into space, he doesn’t need to worry about money. But if you’re not him, then read up.

You need to consider the factors before spending the cash you have; which currency is performing the best, which is doing the worst, and which currency you want to get rid of the first. You need to consider the fact that the currency you’re spending may be best used for another purpose; like Ethereum which can also be a ‘smart contract’. And you need to be able to predict which currency shows the most likelihood of improving its price.

That’s easier said than done. The question becomes ‘How?’

This Is Where the Amon Card Comes In

The Amon Card is just another debit card as far as looks are concerned, but what makes it special is the Artificial Intelligence which comes with in order to help you solve the problems above.

The A.I. in the card allows the user to take these factors into account when spending. This is the forte of this magical card. The A.I. will make the most of the crypto coins you have while maximising the worth of the amount you spend. The Amon A.I. can also predict the expected instability of each currency in your wallet and help you tell which currency is expected to rise in value, and which is expected to fall soon.

An anticipated outcome of this is to help users against the volatility of cryptocurrency prices by warning its users from using a cryptocurrency at the time of spending.

Moreover, the Amon card comes with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange system. With a few clicks, you can make a conversion from one currency to another, with minimum hassle and loss of money. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this card is the best, take a look at the competition. No other card has so many features under one roof, with so much compatibility, and no other card can offer the same A.I.; any way you cut it. If you would like to read how AI systems will impact in the future, visit this article.

That’s All Great, but How Does This Happen?

Well, the first version of the Amon Card will use user statistics to calculate the most suitable choices for its users. For example, if you prefer to spend in Litecoin while saving Bitcoin, the A.I. in the card will make more suggestions for spending Litecoin but will change its metric to allow for ups and downs in the price of Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The algorithms are intended to get more and more complex as the number of users and hence the data gathered is increased, but the next step in the road is to ensure the system can improve its algorithms to make it applicable worldwide. Through the eventual growth, the card will subtly grow to improve.

As the Amon Card will improve, so too will its user base. The general hope is that eventually, the number of users will be so large that the A.I.’s effects can mitigate the ups and downs in the values of cryptocurrency across the world.

The Amon card will also eventually gather support for fiat currency as well so that it can allow users to decide from a wider selection of currencies. This is because I doubt you could ever meet someone who owns only cryptocurrency, no fiat. If you do, hold onto them, because they’re a rare species of legendary.

Levity aside, Amon Card is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating it. Find out more about it here.