AMON Card Add-ons Results!

Good day, AMONers!

We are here to announce the results of the latest poll that we had, the poll for our card add-ons! After a week of voting, you — our community, finally decided the add-ons that you want to be in our card.

Here is the ranking of the add-ons that you voted!

Rank #1 — Contactless

  • Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay. For purchases under a certain amount, PIN or signature are not required.

Rank #2 — Increase Cash Back

  • For every single transaction, we will credit a number of cryptos that varies from 0,5% to 2%.

Rank #3 — Purchase Protection

  • Protect your online purchases to make sure you receive what you paid for.

Rank #4 — Mobile Protection

  • Protect your mobile in case of loss or damage you will get a brand new one.

Rank #5 — Investments

  • Access limited and tailored investments/ crypto funds to make sure you get the best out of your cryptos.

Rank #6 — Customer Support Service

  • Easily contact the customer support about any matters related to your card. The access to the service may vary according to the type of card.

Rank #7 — Lounge Airport Access

  • Access 1000+ lounges all over the world while traveling, regardless of the airline and the class of your ticket.

Rank #8 — Medical Insurance Abroad

  • Access a medical insurance that covers you while abroad.

Rank #9 — Luggage Insurance

  • Make sure you are covered in case of lost and stole luggage

Rank #10 — Delay and Cancellations

  • Make sure you are covered in case your trip is delayed or canceled. Legal protection and liability

We would like to thank everyone for participating in this poll. We will continue to do our best to bring the best service to every one of you!

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