Amon And Daneel Partnership Update

Hello AMONers,

We would like to update you in our partnership with Daneel.

Now that Daneel and Amon are listed in the exchanges is time to swap the tokens!

Daneel delivered 1,000,000 (One Million) Daneel tokens (DAN) to Amon and Amon delivered 6,097,561 Amon tokens (AMN) to Daneel, swapped at the ICO price rate.

We sent the tokens to an address, where they will be blocked for the agreed time. The tokens swapped between Amon and Daneel will be vested as part of our agreement. We do this to ensure that the market does not decrease. Both parties will not be able to sell more than 10% within 4 weeks and only a small amount per day is allowed. By doing this, both Amon and Daneel tokens will not lose the value.

Daneel and Amon will continue to work together to make the crypto space a better world for the newcomers and experts. By crossing their respective technologies and expertise, the combination between Daneel AI and Amon will allow users to optimize their investments and their cryptocurrency daily experience. The two partners plan to meet each other for a brainstorming session, that was the conference that will be held on Paris where crypto companies will participate as well as experts from different countries. This will make Amon more efficient and of course strengthen its bonds with Daneel. More information about the said event will be posted soon.

Stay tuned!




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