AMA Session With Daniel – 2nd Part

Hello AMONers!

In this article, you are about to find out the answers to your questions. Daniele will talk about marketing strategies, exchanges, roadmap, AMN Token and also, share our vision about the COVID.19. Ready? Let’s start!


What are Amon plans for marketing pre and post-card?

We have experience in customer acquisition that comes from our ICO and the last years that we have developed our wallet. As the first step, we would like to do a branding campaign spreading out the word through international and local blogs. We will do in parallel display campaigns, social media campaigns and AdWords campaigns. We will promote the card as a mainstream product mainly on social media and the wallet on crypto-related socials like Reddit and Twitter.

We also plan to join some big events to build trust among the communities. We started what we call “Trusting Flows” where users receive emails and push notifications every week to get to know better Amon products and history. We will continue this to build trust in our users.

What are the plans to expand the community within the crypto space? For example, add strategic tokens of interesting projects providing some useful service… Creating contests or token exchanges between different communities.

We are thinking of steps, all our energies are focused on defining all the processes and integrations for now. We also don’t want to add random tokens but only tokens that can really benefit our product and community. There will be dozens of tokens wanting to get listed on our wallet once we will be releasing our card, we need to be selective.

What are the first plans for marketing the card in the non-crypto community? Like articles in local regions of the EU.

Socials like FB and Instagram are still strict on crypto projects as well as Google ads. Therefore we will promote on these channels our card as a multi-currency card rather than a crypto card. To attract non-crypto users we need to tell them that our card also has EUR and GBP and add crypto as an add-on. We will also use the connections of the acceleration programmes to get to local blogs. As now we are part and have been part of different accelerations programmes we have a great network.

Is there a plan to create a board of local ambassadors (rewarded) for the local expansion of the card in different countries, intending to integrate, in the future, different local services for everyday use?

We haven’t gone that far as yet. It took us a long time to be approved for the EU and we want to focus on the EU for 2020. We already have a list of potential countries where crypto coverage is very high and these are the cards where we will enter first. We have 3 important factors to look at: coverage from our card issuer, competition and crypto coverage.

Some information regarding referral systems and/or family & friends incentives?

We are getting to that, we use to have a referral programme in the ICO and we will do one for the card.


Does the team have funds to run for the next two years?

Yes, but we are looking for more funding to grow faster. The more funding we have the faster we can acquire new users and the harder it will be for competitors to arrive at our level.

Are there plans to launch AMN on some larger exchanges once the cards start being issued?

When the card is live, yes. We want to make sure that our daily trading volume increases, getting listed on some minor exchanges we have already seen that is not bringing us any benefit.

Timeline for the GBP Wallet Iban? (What is the timeline for activating EUR/GBP Wallets?)

As our card will be a EUR and GBP card we will definitely integrate it before the card launch. We are also planning to integrate it by Q2 but we need to set all the flows as we have for EURO to avoid any delays in the transactions.

Can we have an updated roadmap for the features that will be out after the card release? At least an ordered list based on priority.

Yes we will update shortly the Whitepaper with the new roadmap

Are there plans to create a voting system to collect proposals or vote for a feature in the case there are many features of equal importance that can be developed? For example, adding a token first or integrating some services first.

We generally do pools for this and we will keep doing them. We will plan one shortly.

For the future countries to be implemented into the system will the same card provider support this or will Amon need to find more card providers to extend service boundaries?

We can use the same issuer and card provider, we will just need to extend our programme approved to new countries.

What are the expansion plans for issuing the card in other countries outside the EEA?

We haven’t gone that far as yet. It took us a long to be approved for the EU and we want to focus on the EU for 2020. We already have a list of potential countries where crypto coverage is very high and these are the cards where we will enter first. We have 3 important factors to look at: coverage from our card issuer, competition and crypto coverage.


Why should we hold the $AMN token?

Because it is under-evaluated, other companies have their token pumped by market-making companies or they simply got more ICO funding and promoted the project more than we could do. We do things straight as a “normal” startup. We joined acceleration programmes, raised funds from institutional investors and we have a great team. Investing in a startup or in a token is a bet, if you look for a quick gain, go to Casinos.

Venture Capitals (VCs) average exit time is 7 years, you can expect Amon to grow much earlier but if you invest in a company plan at least 2-4 years wait otherwise there are other less risky and less profitable investments to do.

What are the benefits of holding Amn if you’re outside of the Euro-zone?

We must launch our benefits and reward program in the coming months, so we will have more detailed information.

Looking at the token allocation founders owns ~300M Amn (25%) and starting from the 2nd year of the ICO (so now, 2020) they(founders)will have theme released every 6 question is: cos the project for many reasons is way behind schedule, could the founders consider to extend their vesting period? that would be a great signal for us, ICO investors (my opinion)

Yes, is correct. We won’t release any tokens anytime soon to any of the team members. We don’t want to cause any drop in the value of our token, we already planned to extend this release until we see a higher trading daily volume and better stability of our token.


How has the team maintained the development of the project and what will the work be like with the acceleration program? We know that Digital Magics is in Italy one of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

We work remotely, the virus did not affect our project and we are following the accelerations programmes remotely without any issue.

Many projects are being severely damaged by the pandemic, will Amon have any changes concerning its planning for 2020?

As we are a digital business we see this as an opportunity. Banks have branches, we don’t. Banks will be affected, conversely, we are very likely to see more people creating online bank accounts and come closer to digital banking.

The Coronavirus pandemic is radically changing the financial and technological world. How do you see Amon’s contribution to this change?

I believe that banking has already changed over the past year, this pandemic is teaching other sectors that technology is the only solution. There are many sections still not digitized and I am sure that this locked up period is teaching many people that if they don´t go digital they will be lost in the next few years. Lucky banking has already done great steps forward and I believe that this will only be a further confirmation that we need online banking, and less and fewer people will go to the branches of the banks.

We are part of this revolution but we are a step forward, crypto. Still, so little people use crypto, we will contribute to the change of digitalize banking but also to bring people to use cryptos.

In the next question and answer session, we’ll talk more about AI and Acceleration Programs.

Thank you for your support!