Activity Licenses, acquired by AMON!

We are thrilled to announce that Amon has acquired two activity licenses which allows us to legally store cryptocurrencies in the Amon wallet and exchange them for Fiat currencies.

Here is a quick explanation of the licenses:

  1. Services providers of exchanging virtual currencies and Fiat currencies.
  • This license allows exchanging fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto between the Amon wallet and card.

2. Providers of a virtual currencies wallet service.

  • The mentioned license allows our wallet to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies regulated by Estonian law. This means an offering of custodial services of credentials necessary to access virtual currencies.

These licenses are issued by the Estonian Financial Intelligence (FIU) which is an independent structural unit of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. No special reporting to the regulator is needed, but FIU can always make precepts and inquiries about the company’s activities.

These licenses will give security to our users and total confidence that their investments are safe and secure.

Obtaining the licenses mentioned here makes a very good jumpstart and boost the progress of our project. We stand for a regulated Crypto Market, hence, it is very gratifying to discover more crypto friendly countries, who are helping to regulate crypto companies without capping the innovation and growth.

We will continue to do our best to provide services above expectations, stay tuned for more upcoming and exciting news!

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