A Throwback to Amon’s History

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It’s been a wonderful few years for the crypto world. We have seen the rise of Bitcoin, becoming a powerful currency (even the most powerful in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015), and still being high up on the ladder. Ethereum and other projects sprung up, each making money hand over fist and disrupting the status quo of industry and banking around the world. And in the midst of all the hubbub, Amon came out as the leading innovator of the year.

Amon is a relatively new company seeking to answer problems that have gone unquestioned and should have been solved years ago. Looking to right these wrongs, Amon stands as the revolutionist that bears the standard of cryptocurrency. More than that, Amon is acting as the glue or cement that binds it all together; making a community of crypto users and bringing them together despite all their differences for a better collective world.

Today, let’s look back at this unlikely hero’s origins, to see how far it has come and applaud it for making the effort for the collective better.

Amon: A History

Amon was created by Daniele Izzo and his team to help solve the problems faced by the crypto community. He envisioned a world where these problems didn’t cause so many problems for crypto users, and where spending crypto was easier for all the world. To see where he’s coming from, we must understand the problems faced by the earliest cryptocurrency investors. Read more here.

In the beginning, the crypto world was a mess of different protocols, coding, and incompatible software. The crypto you purchased would need several long steps to be converted to fiat currency, and then loaded onto a credit or debit card, and finally, then could be spent on real-world items. An average transaction would take several real-time hours, and would end more likely in a severe migraine than in an actual transaction.

Moreover, the inconsistency in the prices of cryptocurrency and the inconstant variation in the value of cryptocurrency meant that when you wanted to buy anything, it would take several hours of hard mathematical calculation before choosing which currency you wanted to spend. Then, you would have to take a blind gamble, because maybe the currency you were spending would triple in price by tomorrow, and the one you were conserving would fall to just half of its value by next Tuesday.

In fact, Daniele Izzo, C.E.O. of Amon Tech, has actually spoken about this issue several times in his interviews, explaining how difficult it was to manage the multiple currencies and spend them. You can read the full interview here.

So, we can see that there were, beyond any possible doubt, important problems that Amon came to solve in its inception and it has provided miraculous solutions to these problems in the most stunning and astounding manners. With Amon’s progress, we have come to expect the unexpected.

Amon’s Artificial Intelligence: The Spearhead Behind the Company

Amon decided to solve these problems in a way that was equal parts genius and inspired: they brought in an A.I. to help calculate the things that we dread and thus make our lives so much easier when spending crypto. The Amon A.I. can amass user information and use it to make a clear-cut idea of how each cryptocurrency varies in price and value according to a series of algorithms the computer will generate. Read more here.

The hope was that using the data Amon could eventually help its users by advising them not to spend at times of greater financial instability of the blockchain, and thus their money would not be wasted or lost. The A.I. was also intended to be able to predict changes in the pricing of different blockchains and forewarn its users should the worst come to fall. Doing so, the A.I. could eventually lower the instability of the currency’s price and help to create a more level variation for every cryptocurrency.

As you can see, the A.I. created by Amon is extremely powerful, able to change the world of cryptocurrency for the better and to influence the landscape of the development in cryptocurrency so greatly, Amon had to join hands with Daneel.

Amon Has Come A Long Way

The company has launched several new projects since then, including a plastic debit card called the Amon card. This card acts as a Bitcoin debit card for users and is soon to launch Ethereum support as well. It’s notable that the card will have a fully integrated Amon A.I. with it, which can help you choose the best cryptocurrencies in your wallet to pay with at the time of payment, taking in the variances in the market for each currency, and your personal data into account when making a transaction. The card will also support standard fiat currency and will help give users the lowdown on how to best use their cash and crypto together to make the most of their resources.

Besides this, Amon also has its own crypto coins called AMN which are expected to take off soon. A lot of other projects are coming soon, so stay tuned!

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