Millionaire wants to build a Utopia in Nevada

Jeffrey dreamed about his land;

As per history of various reports, a millionaire man spends his money on plot that specifically composed of land located at Reno. Now due to the vast qualities of blockchain technology, he wants to build a community that was totally based on blockchain technology and this phenomenon is introduced by Bitcoin.

A plot of land located in Nevada desert is supposed to be bigger than Reno. Previously it had been the subject of local intrigue after that the Blockchain company of L.L.C purchase it for 170 million dollars within this year. Jeffrey Berns is that millionaire man who owned this company, was also a lawyer and cryptocurrency user. He conducts a tour of his land last week and imagines the population that was supposed to be build here. He imagines the community of houses, schools and districts which will be build here on hundred square miles. The backbone of this mega project is blockchain which is supposed to be new kind of database which was introduced by Bitcoin. He was totally concern with the highlights of his dreams. If you would like to read more about what cryptocurrency millionaire wants visit this article.

Mr. Berns’s Ambitions;

The ambitious person Mr. Berns brought a nice change to make links between blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The prestigious work of blockchain starts when the node of digital ledger performs its duty by recording all the transactions made by Bitcoin. Grander plans are made by some aficionados. According to them, this change will bring out and make a new way of connecting the power back from all among the institutions which they previously called as shots. According to the reports, it was confirmed that we can use and transfer money without going to bank, this makes possible by Bitcoin. One of the great blockchain believers Mr. Berns thought that this technology will help the grounded people to step forward and control their own data. This will lead or supposed to be lifeblood of digital economy. With the help of this technology these ordinary people will not rely on big companies or banks to save their rights or their money.

Number of links are found between the visions of Utopians and get rich quick schemes. Due to the presence of regulators, many of the cryptocurrency projects are shutdown. Mr. Berns were attracted towards Nevada by the means of its taxpayers. This may also include the lack of income tax in this industry. Therefore, breadth of his ambitions was gone into risks of boondoggle. On the other hand, his most of the views are also different from crypto brethren. If you would like to read more about Mr. Berns ambitions visit this article.

His devotion to this land:

Mr. Berns’s suggested that he was only owner who spend his own money to this land. According to him, an amount of 300 million dollars were spent by him on this special land on which he was planning to make offices and staff of 70 people. He also purchased 67000 undeveloped acres to add into his dream of real estate. He said that;

“My ambition isn’t to be as manager of real estate as Utopia nor to become richer. My ambition is to give decision making power to the members of this project and also gave them 90 percent of the dividend that will get after making the connection with residents, employees and future investors”.

Distributed Collaborations entity:

He also founded a structure to make his opinion and ambition stronger is named as Distributed collaborations entity. By using this structure, he supposes to operate such kind of structure which will protect everyone’s ownership rights and also their voting power will be recorded into a digital wallet. In his views about this structure, this is against all the phenomenon that blockchain will have to accomplish. His views and ideas didn’t disappoint him and completes all of his desire which will support all of his views.

Mr. Berns also manages itself by making success over local officials which in result eager for the development of economic staff. Governor of Nevada read an article or proclamation in which blockchain property is specifically named as Innovation park. A Tesla’s Gigafactory is also found in Nevada which is considered to be largest building in the world that are completely surrounded by Blockchain system and supposed to be named as Blockchain land. Mr. Berns’s holdings were also composed of industrial park that specifically composed of big mega companies like Apple, Google and Switch.

Weeks ago the energy platform NV announced a project that makes a team up with energy sectors and also run the system of transactions that were made through using blockchain technology. If you would like to read more about cryptocurrency millionaire visit this article.

Fame of Blockchain technology in Nevada:

Truckee River and along with all thousand of homes, schools and drone delivery system works effectively with the technology of blockchain as the technology of blockchain gets a huge level of country support towards this new town. They work closely by the borders through using a master plan.

Professional life of Mr. Berns was spent in order to fight against financial companies which strongly oppose the system of blockchain technology. He makes lawsuit for that companies and using his skills to strongly condemn their way of business. He learns about the specifications of Bitcoin credit card, Ethereum debit card, Bitcoin ATM card and activate card. Ethereum and Bitcoin both work together in the form of network which will fulfil the views of blockchain technology as prescribed by Mr. Berns in his dream of making Utopia in Nevada by investing millions of dollars in it. This seems to be the largest that was made by any investors in the field of blockchain technology. Blockchain community and cryptocurrency world will get huge fame after involving in business. Good luck!!!

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