456,702,982 AMNs Tokens Burnt

As we promised during the ICO, AMN unsold tokens are burnt. The concept of tokens burning is an incredibly smart move that will benefit to investors. In the crypto world, there is an infinite number of specific tokens available; when a proportion of these are purchased by investors, the total number of tokens available on the market decreases and, as a consequence, the value of each individual token may increase.

Here is the breakdown:

500,000,000 – 362,989,105.81 =

137,010,894.19 AMN Tokens are burnt from the Public ICO.

To keep the same percentages of distribution communicated during the ICO to Team, Founders, Advisors, Bounty and Reserves also burnt a further 319,692,086.45 AMN tokens.

The AMN Tokens total supply it is now 1,209,963,684

The tokens have been sent to a “token burner” smart contract specially created as a token trash bin. Let’s make it simple, the tokens burnt can never be used again. Technically, it is an empty smart contract where it is impossible to get back any ether or token sent inside, even for contract owner.

You can verify the source code and the tokens inside on etherscan at this address:


Have a great day AMONer´s!

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