3rd Part – Q&A with Amon´s CEO, Daniele Izzo

Hello AMONer´s! We are delighted to announce the 3rd part of Questions and Answers with Amon´s CEO, Daniele Izzo.

  • The card release date still on target for the end of q2 or will this be delayed

We are already working and doing our best to bring the card to everyone. As of now, we have acquired two licenses that make our progress with the release boosted, you can read more about it here. Card issuing has proved to be longer than expected not for our internal delays but for bureaucracy and legal compliance approval. We all know what the industry have been through over the past months, we are have to have a solid Card provider and we have a clear internal timeline that we will share once we will get the card scheme approved.

  • Which company is issuing your cards?

As per contract we cannot disclose this information yet and we do not want to jeopardize the work that we have done so far. We are working with a Card issuer that hold a Principal membership at Visa but also is an MasterCard issuer. Once we will get the card scheme approved we will release the name.

  • Would I be able to pay online with Amon card?

Yes, Amon Card will work as a normal debit card. You will be able to pay online, in stores and through the app.

  • What fees should I expect on topping up/paying/withdrawing?

Fees are not set yet but we will do our best to give the lowest price points for everyone.

  • Is there a daily/monthly limit on top up/ withdrawal?

Every Amon card we have different limits. Just like any normal cards you will have have a limit based on your KYC level.

  • Daneel coop work?

Our devs met Daneel dev team in their offices in Montpellier (France) to explore what they have achieved so far and how we can work together. We will announce an update about it soon!

  • Adding other main coins of the market

Yes, more Tokens/ Coins will be added to the wallet, and also FIAT currencies. We are working on both sides, we will likely to have new coins in the wallet by the end of Q3.

  • Could you give us a little update on what’s changed with why we need E-money licence now and not use the card issuers

For spendings with the card we will use our provider’s licenses. You can see it as a sub-licensing that our card provider is giving us. The licenses we’ve just got are to exchange fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto between the Amon wallet and a card, and also, send and receive cryptocurrencies regulated by Estonian law. These are two sides of the same coin, on one side we need to regulate our wallets operations and on the other side we need a e-money licence to allow spending and here is where our card issuer licence comes into play.

  • Do you have estimated prices for each tier of cards?

We have card for different amount of AMN tokens hold by the users. We have now launched the pre-order card for users that did not join the ICO and our next step will be to release the features of the card along with the different tiers.

  • We have seen AMON being listed in different exchanges in a course of a month or two, do you still have upcoming listing that will be announced soon?

We are always looking to get listed on new exchanges but from now onwards we want to focus on listing on top exchanges. What we have experienced is that getting listed on mid level exchanges does not give a great outcome therefore we will wait to get the opportunity to get listed on exchanged with higher volumes.

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