0.5% AMN Cash-Back on Every Exchange

The Amon Wallet exchange is simple and fast. It allows you to exchange your cryptos and your EUR/GBP with just one click.

We offer the best market rates thanks to the integration of different liquidity providers and crypto exchanges. The system that runs in the background checks the best rates in different exchanges and executes the conversion instantly to guarantee the best rate to the Amon user. Isn’t it great?

But that’s not all! Amon is launching a fantastic reward cash-back programme for users that use the Amon exchange.

When a user executes an exchange, Amon is making small profits due to the fluctuations of the market. The prices change at any time and to avoid losing money during the exchange Amon adds a small buffer to make sure that it never incurs in a loss. From today on Amon decided to share part of this profit margin to the community in the form of the AMN token. Therefore all the Amon users will receive a cash-back in AMN token of 0.5% for every exchange.

Here is an example:

The user wants to convert €1.000 to BTC.
Let’s say that the Bitcoin Price at that moment is 10.000€, therefore €1.000 = 0.1 BTC.
Cash-back: 0.5% of 1.000€ = 5€ in AMN Token
Users gets: 0.1 BTC + 5€ in AMN Token

Will AMN token lose in value?

We don’t want to create a system which devalues the price of the AMN Token.

For this reason, Amon uses the other part of the small margin profit to buy back the AMN token given to the users. It is an automated system that executes both exchange and cash-back transactions at the same time. Here an explanatory chart:

amn token reward